What We Do

MB Media have a wealth of experience in television media buying and specialise in direct response Longform television advertising.

Our main focus is selling 30-minute airtime mainly scheduled in 3 hour blocks overnights with a few channels running in daytime. We also sell 12 minute and 3-minute slots, which is still growing for advertisers who want to appear in programming.

MB Media are unique in that we provide a ‘full-service solution’ for our customers and broadcasters alike. We are a specialist DRTV Media Agency who broker, sell, manage, and schedule airtime on behalf of our portfolio of clients.


We undertake the risk of securing airtime from Media Owners on long term contracts. This enables our customers to buy their airtime monthly giving them more opportunity to react to sales trends within this volatile marketplace.

We, in partnership with our clients, were the pioneers of Teleshopping that created the infomercial market that exists today.

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Why Work With Us?

  • MB Media is brand leader in terms of ownership of Longform television airtime. We have close relationships with all buyers of Longform airtime, given our exclusive contracts of key media airtime.
  • TV is a tried and tested safe environment, allowing brands to deliver TV campaigns that establish brand familiarity, whist delivering immediate response.
  • We offer a full-service solution for your Longform inventory, taking care of the entire process from start to finish. This includes sending media plans in a mix of monthly and quarterly deals, producing schedules, and ensuring copy is available for the broadcaster to schedule.
  • Our job does not start and end purely with airtime sales. We care about your outcomes and success. Our managed and expert service provides you, our clients, with the flexibility and freedom to focus on your core business.
  • Teleshopping advertising is an excellent addition to other types of media campaigns, such as shortform ads, radio, social and print press.
  • Longform advertisement's main advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to thoroughly explain your product to the consumer and reach a significantly wider and fully engaged audience.
  • Thanks to our exclusive contracts with key Longform airtime buyers, we offer a dynamic service tailored to results. Our close relationships allow us the flexibility to test airtime monthly or quarterly and swiftly adapt based on immediate campaign feedback. We're not just reactive, we're pro-active, always staying ahead of the curve for our clients. We have been a major player in this industry for over 20 years.
  • Currently we sell over 38,000 hours of prime Longform advertising a year.

How It Works

  • Every month or quarter we will send you a Media Plan with all prices based on the marketplace, seasonality etc.
  • We will provide deadlines to secure the Longform generally 2-3 weeks prior to the month of advertising.
  • We do not work to AB deadlines but can do if you require this of advertising.

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