Welcome to MB Media

Launched in 2000, MB Media has been at the forefront of continually shaping the UK's thriving teleshopping landscape with access to highly responsive and cost-effective airtime.

With a century's worth of combined expertise in television media buying and planning, we are not just participants, but leaders, commanding circa 60% of the UK's total teleshopping advertising sales.

We take pride in our dynamic portfolio, which boasts partnerships with high-profile broadcasters such as Channel4, UKTV, NBC Sky, Warner-Discovery, Together TV, along with numerous specialist channels.

Our speciality primarily lies in 30-minute infomercial slots, but we also excel in shorter form airtime from 3 to 12 minutes integrated within programming.

As a trusted teleshopping partner, we have fostered prosperous relationships with many UK and European broadcasters and media outlets.

This extensive network and our deep-rooted industry knowledge enable us to support established brands and guide new advertisers on the most effective journey to boost brand visibility, stimulate response and skyrocket sales.


With MB Media, you are partnering with a company where Direct Response Television (DRTV) is more than just a service.

Trust us to take your brand to new heights.

DRTV really is in our DNA!

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